Take care of us; we're meant to last! Made from fibres of flax plant, linen has been used and cultivated for thousands of years, far longer than the time machines and fancy detergents existed. Our linen is a simple fibre, and caring for it is just as easy. Here are a couple tips that might help along the way :

How should I wash my new pieces?

We recommend washing on a gentle cycle with cool water and a mild detergent. Shake out your clothes before hanging them, this works similarly to tumbling them in the dryer.

How should I dry my pieces?

We do believe line/air drying is the perfect way to dry your pieces, but you can also tumble* dry on low until damp and hang or lie flat to finish the drying process. 

How do I soften my material and remove wrinkles after drying?

Although linen is lightweight, durable and antibacterial, it has a tendency to wrinkle easily. It's completely normal for new pieces to feel a bit stiffer, but rest assure they get softer and more supple with each wash and wear. We recommend steaming your pieces after air drying; the wrinkles are easily removed and as you wear them you'll feel softening taking place.

How do I care for my reusable tote?

We recommend the same washing and drying process as we do for our apparel. 

Do I need to dry clean my linen pieces?

No, definitely not! Dry cleaners usually use harsh detergents that really stiffen the fabric. We never recommend dry cleaning of any of our pieces. 

My pieces still feel a bit stiff, can I use a softener?

Don't worry! The residue detergent leaves on your laundry is usually the culprit. We recommend using smaller amounts and/or transitioning to a chemical free soap.

I lost a button, what should I do?

We're more then happy to help! Send us a message at and we'll send a replacement over at no extra charge.

Why pure linen over cotton or blend?

Linen is definitely as easy to look after as cotton, but it's far more durable. You might have noticed that cotton can become threadbare as fibres weaken over time, but linen only gets stronger and better with each wash. Linen also uses less resources in its production, making it more eco-friendly and sustainable. 


Have more questions? Send us a message at and we'll gladly answer them as soon as possible!